FiNAN Education

FiNAN Education envisions to bring expertise and education closer to low and middle-income countries 

Learn from our experiencies in the Nordic Region.

We are offering courses based on the trends in the global market of recruitment, nurse migration, cultural needs and integration programme. Health courses will also be offered in the future.


Integration Programme in the Finnish Social and Healthcare Services

Learn about the Finnish work life and culture, the Finnish healthcare system in the primary health services and tertiary level of care, nursing responsibilities and charge nursing skills.

Introduction to the Nordic Health System

Different healthcare systems from different Nordic countries including Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Fundamentals of Infection Prevention and Control in Finnish and Danish Health Care Facilities

The emerging threats of pandemic encourages healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge in infection prevention and control. What are the different types of precautions and what to do?

The General Assembly is held every two years in any of the Nordic country

Your journey to getting your Nordic license needs proper guidance and peer support. FiNAN offers guidance free for members. Webinar series are also arranged often like sharing of recent research data.

 Resource Speaking

General Assembly

Peer Counselling and Webinar Series

Request for resource speakers in seminars, forums and conferences from our team.

How can we help you?

Our team ensures to satisfy our members and collaborators the best way we can. Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The 2nd General Assembly will be held next year in Denmark at Herlev Hospital (8th tallest modern hospital in the world). All nationalities are welcome from different parts of the world to celebrate the year of the nurse and midwife.

Registration shall be informed later.

On Going Negotiations:

1. SocFiN and FiNCiD are collaborating with the Philippine Embassy in Denmark for the renewal of Professional Regulations Commission's (PRC) License.

2. FiNAN is also bringing the Nordic expertise to the Philippines with different academic and non-profit organizations such as education and conference collaborations.

3. FiNAN does its best to collaborate with the policy and decision-makers for the bilateral labour agreement.