The Filipino Nurses Association-Nordic (FiNAN) is the first non-profit organization for Filipino Nurses in the Nordic Region. The first members of the association were gathered through social media platform with diverse educational and work background in the field of nursing. The urgency to create an association to give a voice for the Filipino Nurses living in the region was high in support to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Code of Ethical Recruitment of Health Personnel. Non-ethical issues regarding the recruitment process emerged as a critical dilemma which needed an urgent action from different stakeholders of the Nordic society.

The association’s vision is to be the leading Filipino Nurses Association in the Nordic Region for highly skilled and competitive Filipino Nurses and the mission is to empower and strengthen the global image of Filipino Nurses as a source of nursing manpower and care in the Nordic Region.

As a starting non-profit organization, our resources to achieve the goals in relation to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage is limited.

The Association is a collaborate work between:

1. The Society of Filipino Nurses in Finland &

2. The Filipino Nurses Community in Denmark


1.Monitor Filipino Nursing Workforce Migration to the Nordic Countries

2. Participate in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

3. Negotiate to decision and policy-makers

4. Collaborate in the integration of Filipino Nurses in the Nordic work life

5. Involve in peer support and mentoring

6. Produce evidence-based data

Team Collaborators:


Jeanny Mae Tuominen,RN

Blanche Lagundi, RN


Roman Aquino,MSN,RN

Jefferson Battung,MSN,RN


Ian Faigones, RN, MSc


Mary Rose Mårtensson,RN

Joy Kong Wallander,RN


Manilyn Jacobsen,RN

Jessica Dam, RN


Cherisa Dupitas, RN

GP Dupitas, RN


Connie Maria Nordblom



International Coordination & Management Affairs

Qualified Registered Nurse in the Philippines, Finland, Sweden and Iceland

Registered Nurse in University Hospital

Board Members' Council of Health Care Without Harm

Nursing Educator

PhD Candidate


Organizational Activities and Diplomatic Ties

Qualified Registered Nurse in the Philippines and Denmark

Assistant Nurse Manager in a Hospital

Treasurer and Membership Director

Media Coverage and Local Coordination

Qualified Registered Nurse in the Philippines and Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden & Norway)

Responsible for Internship and Education in a Hospital